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Strengths Discovery Course (CliftonStrengths)

Enabling Thriving Teams | Optimising Performance and Commitment

Assessment Focus:


  • Reveal top strengths based on the CliftonStrengths Assessment
  • Understand the energy, needs and value of each strength
  • Blends individual strengths, so they complement each other
  • Enables strengths development rather than weakness fixing
  • Provides insight into how mismanagement of strengths can become a weakness
  • Motivation and confidence
  • Increase wellbeing and happiness


  • Enable the embracing of diversity by highlighting misconceptions
  • Supports a culture of trust and personal safety
  • Can improve individual engagement by 73% (Gallup Survey)
  • Use the team grid to identify possible areas of misunderstanding or conflict
  • Individuals and teams perform at their best when utilising their strengths
  • Leverage off the strengths of others for optimal team performance
  • Insight to leaders on the management of their individual team members as well as the team as a whole

Course Dates:

There are currently no scheduled dates for this course, please check back soon for updated course dates or contact us to book a private course.

Course Details:

Team Strengths Session & Workshop Includes: (Up to 10 participants in a team or group working together)
  • 1 hour one-on-one top 5 analysis, report and awareness session with each participant
  • Team strengths profile
  • One-day team strengths workshop, understanding participant’s strength profiles and how it shows up in the team context and dynamics
  • Prerequisite: Participants must be from the same team or group working together
  • Cost: R39,900 excl. VAT (Includes online assessment fee)

“Employees Who Use Their Strengths Outperform Those Who Don't”


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