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Searching for Scrum Master or Agile Coach vacancies?

DVT is passionate about software delivery. We use an Agile approach to assist clients with turning their ideas into working, valuable solutions. Our Scrum Masters work with different teams locally and internationally.

Some of South Africa’s best Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches work for DVT. Our Agile team work hard at converting innovative ideas into software solutions for clients globally. We do this by offering an Agile Coaching and Scrum Master service and support each other with the daily challenges we face as consultants. Join our team of professionals in Johannesburg, Centurion, Cape Town or Durban.

We believe in investing and growing our staff by:

  • Utilising the DVT Academy in providing the required Agile Certifications,
  • Providing staff with the opportunity to tap into a lean coffee session where Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters learn from each other,
  • Gaining exposure to different clients, environments and teams which accelerate the career of a Scrum Master and Coach,
  • Offering the opportunity to join the Scrum Master Apprenticeship programme in mentoring and coaching others.


Our squad of ‘Scrummies’ work with various levels of teams regarding Agile maturity. Some teams are new to Agile which demands a more experienced team member (Scrum Master / Team Coach) to assist them, whereas other teams have been practising agile for many years giving a different aspect to Scrum Mastership.

We are known for our people centric approach, unwavering business integrity and working in an Agile approach with high quality always top of mind.

At DVT we live by a set of values. Our values say who we are. They guide us in making a positive impact with our clients, business partners, the communities we operate in and amongst ourselves.

It all started with a passion for creating high-impact business software that we and customers can see working in production as quickly as possible.

Since 1999 DVT has been on the forefront of bespoke business software solutions for some of the largest and most dynamic companies in South Africa and abroad. Starting out as custom business software developers in Cape Town, we’ve grown to become one of South Africa’s leading software and services providers with delivery centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban and have recently cut the ribbon on our office in London.

Delivering great software requires much more than good programming, design and architecture. Today, with more than 500 staff, we help clients with everything needed to get quality software in production faster. This includes Agile and Lean consulting and training, cutting code, software testing, IT consulting and architecture, business and process analysis, project management, business intelligence as well as product implementation.

We also run the largest specialist software testing centre in Cape Town focused on testing automation.

At DVT you will have the opportunity to work in an extraordinary wide range of business domains and technologies. Some of our projects happen in of our offices in Agile teams or on-site at clients in Agile teams. Either way, you will work with some of the best developers in South Africa working on software solutions for leading companies. Some of our team service international clients and utilise business communication technologies such as Skype stand-ups.

  • Above market remuneration
  • Maternity and paternity benefits
  • Company paid group life and disability cover
  • 20 days annual leave
  • Generous contribution towards training
  • Joining Agile Events as a group of Scrummies
  • Lean coffee learning opportunities
  • Agile Centre of Enablement


Please leave us your details below, and we will arrange a chat with one of our Scrum Master Practice Leads

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Note: If you have less than 1 year experience please apply to our internship or graduate programmes on our vacancies page. Click here

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