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DVT’s twelve-month

graduate programme

provides extensive coaching, training and practical experience to fast track a graduate’s career in the various disciplines of software development.

The tracks of the programme focus on Android and iOS mobile app development, Web development, Enterprise Java development, Microsoft .Net development, Cloud application development and UX/UI Design.

In addition to skills in software engineering technology, the programme includes soft skills coaching, training and experience in Agile, which is done in collaboration with the DVT Academy.

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Akua Afrane-Okese
As an iOS developer intern participating in the DVT graduate programme, we have a lot to learn. We spent the…

Our twelve-month programme includes intensive and specialist training where each graduate learns about standard software concepts and focused technology tracks. Trainers and mentors monitor the progress of each graduate. The programme includes collaborative work and practical experience on internal projects as well as client projects.

At the end of the programme, graduates will have a portfolio of work that they have completed and that is available on their GitHub profiles. Additionally, graduates will have learned the technical and soft skills required to be a specialist consultant.

Agile/Scrum principles such as Backlog, Sprint, Goals, Sprint Planning and Retrospectives will be included in the graduate's mini-project. The goal is to understand Agile concepts and to gain practical experience by being involved in a Scrum team. Practical training in TDD GitHub, DevOps and other software development best practices will be introduced.

For the first three months, graduates will be mentored by an in-house specialist in their respective field, with occasional workshops from industry experts within DVT. A mentor will be assigned to graduates during client assignments in order to guide and monitor them.



Java EE




.NET Core










“I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the DVT graduate programme as they select the best talent around the country. It provides the opportunity to learn, grow and hone your skills with the goal of becoming a better software engineer. I have had the chance to meet and work with immensely talented developers.” Siphokazi Fikeni

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