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Developing Versatile Interpersonal Behaviour

Understand others and your own social styles.

Course Focus:

A social style is a “pervasive enduring pattern of interpersonal behaviours” (Bolton & Bolton 1984).

This workshop’s purpose to provide participants with the following insights and is based on TRACOM’S SOCIAL STYLE MODELTM:

  • Understand yourself and others better and increase your influence
  • Understand the characteristics and weaknesses of the different styles
  • Learn versatility – adapt to other people’s styles so they feel comfortable
  • How to recognise the styles of others
  • How to present information to the different styles
  • Improve relationships at home & work
  • Reduce tension and handle conflict better
  • Understand others’ likely reactions to stress or adversity

Course Dates:

There are currently no scheduled dates for this course, please check back soon for updated course dates or contact us to book a private course.

The Social Styles Workshop

Participants will complete a short questionnaire during the workshop. The theory behind this social style approach is behaviour-based not a psychological profile. The social styles workshop has proven particularly valuable to software development teams in their engagement with stakeholders order to elicit and provide information.

Course Details:

  • Price: R 10 000 for the workshop excluding VAT
  • Course duration: 4 hours
  • Participants: Up to 20
  • Location: On-site
  • Prerequisites: growth mind set

Social Style - The Easiest Model to Learn & Apply:

  • Four unique SOCIAL STYLEs each with their own behavioural preferences
  • Apply actionable strategies to create more effective relationships
  • SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility skills are directly related to workplace high performance


Image Source:

“Because SOCIAL STYLE is based on observable behaviour you can quickly identify a person’s preferences and make informed choices to make that person comfortable. This ability to moderate your behaviour is what we call Versatility”


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