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Software testing and development services for UK companies

DVT has more than 500 IT professionals and offers software testing, offshore Agile software development services and mobile app development solutions to companies in the United Kingdom

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Software testing solutions for UK-based companies

DVT's Global Testing Centre in Cape Town, South Africa provides managed outsourced services for software testing to clients around the globe, including the United Kingdom. Our Testing Centre has assisted hundreds of companies to deliver high quality software solutions on time. We specialise in software testing automation, performance testing and testing of mobile solutions.

Features of the Global Software Testing centre

  • Specialised automation testing services to clients based all over the world.
  • Lower cost, faster testing with our own automation framework.
  • Software testing for Any Technology, Platform or Device - Mobile, Desktop, Web, AS400, SQL, SAP, Oracle, Flex, Siebel, SOA, etc.
  • 3rd Party objectivity & proactive consulting around real world successes/failures of software apps.

Advantages & benefits of the Global Testing Centre

  • Availability at short notice.
  • Scalable services and solutions provider.
  • Reduced cost of ownership.
  • We’re up to the challenge. (We automate anything).
  • No or limited capex requirement.
  • Collaborative solutions. Access to experts.

Who will be testing my software?

Our Global Software Testing centre employs more than 150 skilled software testing professionals. Since we focus on testing automation using our own UTA-H framework, most of our software test scripters, are software developers that programmatically automate the software testing of your software product. Our software testers are from South Africa as well as abroad.

What does our Software Testing Centre specialise in?

Test automation

Full suite of own test tools and frameworks

Functional testing

Agile based approach for faster results

Performance testing

Mobile, web and on-demand cloud performance testing

Mobile testing

Extensive mobile device lab for network emulation and device simulation

Offshore Agile software development teams

Many of DVT’s clients are UK-based companies who are looking for offshore Agile software development teams who can assist them on either a once-off or ongoing basis. We have a 15 year track record of custom development projects. With this experience and expertise, we develop custom applications for enterprise, web, desktop and mobile platforms across open-source and proprietary technologies.

What Agile software development services do you offer?

  • Project based services: Custom software solution design; outsourced software development; application porting and enterprise application integration.
  • Skills augmentation services: Software development consultants to augment client development capacity; offshore skills augmentation; co-sourced teams.
  • Consulting: System audits; software architecture assessments and software development technology consulting.

Mobile app development for UK companies

At DVT, we understand that mobility solutions are about much more than just mobile app development. We offer an end to end range of services that allow our customers to gain real business value from mobility solutions.

What mobile app development services do you offer?

  • Strategise: Mobile enterprise architecture platform decision; build vs. buy decision; hardware selection; mobile application development; cross-platform, native or hybrid approach decisions.
  • Design: System architecture; application architecture; security; user experience design; user interface design.
  • Development: Cross-platform development; native development; HTML5/hybrid app development; agile approach.
  • Test: Test driven development; UI automation testing; mobile app testing.
  • Deploy: Maintenance and support; mobile device management.

Frequently asked questions

  • How is software testing done?

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    We specialise in software testing automation. We use our own UTA-H framework. Our software testing script writers are software developers that programmatically automate the testing of your software product. In addition to software testing automation, we focus on software performance testing using leading performance testing software. We also maintain a large mobile device lab for testing of mobile solutions.

  • How much software testing is enough?

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    Some of our clients aims to achieve a 100% testing coverage of their systems, but in general most of our clients aim to automate the testing of the majority (but not all) of their business and system processes.

  • How do you do software testing using Agile?

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    We believe that a combined approach of testing within a Sprint and outside of a Sprint is needed. Our approach is to do functional testing and unit testing within a Sprint using testers and developers that form part of the development team. The testers can be co-located with the developers or work from remote locations. In addition to the in-Sprint testing, a team of test automation scripters work from a back-log of system processes that needs automation testing. Typically once an acceptable test automation coverage is achieved, these automation scripts are developed one Sprint behind the actual development Sprint.

  • Who is involved in Software Testing?

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    A Product Owner needs to direct the work priorities of a software test automation team just like he/she determines the priorities of the development team. This means that the Product Owner ensures that the test automation team in our Global Test Centre works from a back-log of items that needs test automation. In additional to the testers in our testing centre that performs functional, automation testing or performance testing, there may also be testers in the development teams that test the in-Sprint development.

  • How is mobile app Software Testing done?

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    We use a combination of mobile platform simulators and our extensive Mobile Device lab to test mobile apps on both a simulated environment and actual mobile devices. Our mobile app testing includes functional testing as well as mobile app test automation using our framework.

  • Where is Software Testing done?

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    Our Global Software Testing centre is located in Cape Town, South Africa. We have more than 150 software testers specialised in software testing automation, performance testing and testing of mobile apps.

  • Do you do software testing for UK companies?

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    Yes! Our Global Software Testing centre services clients all over the world.

  • Which type of software testing do you do?

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    We specialise in software testing automation, performance testing and mobile app testing. In addition we also perform functional testing when required.

  • What software testing life cycle do you use?

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    We are firm believers in the Agile approach to software development. Using an Agile approach, means we do our software testing in Sprints and work from a product testing backlog.

  • Why Software Testing in South Africa?

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    DVT has more than 200 skilled software testers in South Africa that provider software testing services to clients from all over the world. Using a rigours recruiting and training program, we ensure high quality testing of software products. The currency exchange rate, often means software testing outsourced to DVT in South Africa, can be performed at a significantly lower cost to local or other international destinations at a premium skill and quality level.

  • How do you compare with Indian Software Testing centres?

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    DVT's Global Software Testing Centre in Cape Town, South Africa is one of the largest specialist software testing centres in the Southern Hemisphere. Our western work culture, central time zone, access to affordable but highly skilled staff, our own test automation framework, excellent command of the English language and the favourable ZAR exchange rate means that we can provide premium software testing solutions to clients at an affordable cost.

  • Do you provide outsourced Software Testing solutions?

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    Yes! Our Global Software Testing Centre in Cape Town, South Africa provides software testing solutions to clients all over the world

  • Why automate software testing?

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    In order to achieve continues software delivery, automating software testing is essential. If you need short development and testing cycles, automating the testing of your software is not optional anymore. We ensure that each new product release/deployment can be tested within a couple of hours versus the many weeks required in a manual testing environment.

  • How is your software testing automation different?

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    Software testing automation has traditionally been done using "record and playback" solutions. The problem with this approach is that any changes in the system often requires that the specific testing of a system process is to be re-recorded for playback. When a system changes frequently, maintaining this playback-scripts become expense. Our approach is test automation framework developed in Java where the test scripts are maintained by developers. This means that a change in the system is often a relatively small code change in the test script (like adding a method to test an additional screen text field) as opposed to re-recording a potentially long playback script.


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