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Power BI

Power BI

Your financial data made business valuable using data visualization.

Every business - even yours - already owns a treasure trove of information.

Unfortunately, most of it is locked away in spreadsheet columns and database silos, without an easy way for you to extract it, understand it, and use it to good effect. Until now.

DVT, a Microsoft-certified Gold Partner in Data Analytics, can help make your data business valuable with Microsoft Power BI.

Think of Power BI as 'Excel on steroids'; It allows you to connect to dozens of data sources - many of which you're already using - and automatically and intuitively 'pull' contextual and business insights from those sources. Insights that will help you reduce costs, improve efficiency and impact customer experience.

Create up-to-the-minute visuals, reports, dashboards, diagrams, charts - anything you can want or imagine - to literally see the value from your data. Power BI is hosted in the Microsoft cloud, and since it connects to your live data sources it gives you a real time view of what's happening in your business anytime, anywhere, from any device.

The DVT Difference

With deep team experience in data, analytics and business intelligence, and a dedicated team of Power BI experts in South Africa and the U.K., DVT brings the human intelligence needed to transform your Power BI experience and maximise the value of your business data.

Using the flexibility of Microsoft's Power BI, DVT will rapidly take your business from zero to actionable business intelligence with our Power BI Starter Kit and Agile engagement framework. Our highly experienced will help make your business users self-sufficient in all their information needs.

Get your Pastel Accounting Financials in a mobile dashboard with Power BI

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