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Offshore testing centre

DVT has one of the best offshore testing centres across the globe. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, DVT’s Global Testing Centre provides managed outsourced services for software testing to clients from all over the world. DVT’s expertise and specialty resides in three areas:

Test automation

Performance testing

Mobile app testing

The framework that we use for software testing at our offshore testing centre was developed over a period of three years and caters for various technologies. It is built on open source components that are compatible with most continued integration tools. Some implementation examples of our framework include the following:
  • AS400 (Mainframe)
  • Mobile apps
  • SQL
  • Web technologies
  • Desktop applications
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Flex
  • Point of Sale
  • SOA
  • File based

Best offshore testing centre

Our goal is to become the largest managed outsourced software testing centre in South Africa that delivers quality solutions globally. As one of the best offshore testing centres available in the market, we provide services that attract top IT talent and ensures that clients continue to recommend us to others. Our approach has always been to offer our clients real solutions. We take them on an upfront journey, sharing insights and lessons learned and thereby ensuring peace of mind.

One of the reasons why many clients choose to use DVT’s offshore testing centre is that we offer flexible engagement model options. You can choose between a retainer model which safeguards your original investment in test automation with project completion, a standard model that secures capacity for your test automation projects or a pay as you go model that is ideal for mobile app requirements.

Quick turnarounds and scalable software testing solutions

Our team is also available at short notice. We ensure quick response times to our clients’ supply and demands (project initiation at DVT for test automation projects is 48 hours). With mobile app testing, our lead-time is typically two weeks, but this can be shorter depending on our capacity at the time.

Our clients determine if they want to increase or decrease their team size according to budget, time or scope. If we have spare capacity, we assign our resources to a clients’ project to deliver an added value service or to supplement project speed. This services is implemented at no additional cost, ensuring a scalable software testing solution.

Top offshore testing centre

As a top offshore testing centre, we follow specific steps when partnering with a client to test their software. These steps are as follows:

  • Engagement discussion: Let’s meet.
  • Quality assurance problem statement: Here we will assess your challenges and needs.
  • Requirements gathering: Our goal is to prove the concept within two weeks.
  • Feedback and engagement: This is where collaborative interaction takes place between the experienced professionals at our offshore testing centre and your company.
  • Implementation: This is where we aim to agree on the way forward and get kick-off the project.
  • Closure: Completing the project and proposing the next steps.

Google thinks we are the largest Offshore Testing Centre

Google thinks we are the largest offshore testing centre for a number of reasons. We always have spare capacity to manage our own staff movements and we are always able to reduce clients’ overall risks by reducing their ‘key people’ dependencies. DVT’s offshore testing centre is up to any challenge because we believe that we can automate anything. We add operation value by automating labour intensive business processes so that resources can focus on core business aspects.

The collaborative solutions that we provide, combined with our expertise and shared knowledge that resides within our testing centre, makes us the partner of choice for software testing solutions. Contact us for more information about the best offshore testing centre today.