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Mobile app testing hub launched in Cape Town

Mobile app testing hub launched in Cape TownQ&A with Mario Matthee (MM) and Reumaysa Mamoojee (RM) of DVT on their recently launched mobile app testing hub in Cape Town


Software and services specialist company DVT has opened the doors on its new, purpose-built mobile application testing hub in Cape Town. The new hub – DVT’s second such facility (a software test automation hub was established in 2013) – is a fully-equipped testing centre that provides dedicated testing equipment and personnel across all major mobile OS platforms.


We speak to Mario and Reumaysa to find out more.


So why launch the mobile app testing hub?

MM: The popularity of home-grown mobile apps is exploding as local companies shift their advertising and information-sharing strategies to mobile devices. The quantity and variety of consumer and enterprise mobile applications has grown exponentially over the last few years. As a result, local companies need the means to ensure that every application that they create meets exceptionally high standards to maximise their investment and prevent revenue, productivity and brand reputation loss.


Who will manage the new hub?

MM: We’ve appointed Reumaysa Mamoojee to manage the new hub.


Reumaysa, what is your background and how did you join DVT?

RM: Over the past five years my passion for all things mobile has driven me towards a career in testing mobile phone applications, and I’ve gained technical experience testing both software and hardware components. I’ve also managed corporate mobile portfolios for numerous mobile operators in South Africa.


How challenging is it to design a new mobile app?

RM: The task of ensuring an application meets its design objectives can be highly complex. Mobile application testing can be very intensive, if only because of the number of different hardware and software platforms available, and the variations within those platforms.


What do you mean by ‘very intensive’?

RM: Well, we don’t only test for suitability on the most popular mobile operating systems (Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows), but also on different flavours of those operating systems and different devices designed to use them. Usability testing is key in the mobile industry and we take pride in matching the various test cycles to meet the rapid delivery schedules typically associated with mobile app development.


How can your clients engage with the testing hub and how will you charge for this service?

MM: The DVT mobile application testing hub offers clients a unique ‘pay-as-you-go’ engagement model, who can pre-book the facility and testers on short notice. Clients only pay for hours used, not for devices or platforms, while DVT manages the access schedule and assists with scoping the testing effort if required. We also apply industry best practices with regards to test case management and defect tracking, allowing us to present clients with the necessary reports within minutes.


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