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How AI search can boost e-commerce sales

Friday, 26 April 2024 05:18

DVT, a global custom software development and data engineering company, recently hosted Valerie Waterschoot, Enterprise Account Executive at Algolia, a global API-First AI Search platform, as the guest speaker for a DVT Insights Webinar. On the topic of ‘AI-powered search and personalisation in e-commerce,’ Waterschoot shared her views on AI's transformative role in enhancing online shopping experiences.

“The core of modern e-commerce is providing users with the most relevant content at the right time. AI-powered search is not just about responding to user queries but understanding and anticipating the user's needs,” says Waterschoot. She adds, “By integrating Algolia's AI Search, companies see up to a 300% increase in sales conversions, fundamentally because the system learns and adapts from each interaction.”

Waterschoot emphasised the importance of integrating AI to improve the speed and accuracy of search results, which are critical in driving user engagement and conversion rates. “Algolia's AI Search delivers results in milliseconds, which is vital in a world where even a small delay can lead to significant drop-offs in customer satisfaction and sales.”

She detailed practical applications of Algolia's AI, including chatbots that use natural language processing to guide users through a seamless shopping experience and visual search capabilities that allow users to find products based on images rather than text. “Imagine being able to upload a photo of an outfit you like and immediately finding similar items available in the store. That's the power of AI in e-commerce today,” Waterschoot explained.

The webinar further explored the benefits of personalisation, with Waterschoot stating, “Personalisation isn't just about marketing; it's about creating an individualised shopping experience that increases the likelihood of conversion by showing customers exactly what they want and when they want it.”

Towards the end of her talk, Waterschoot touched upon the strategic partnership between DVT and Algolia, which was established this year. “Our collaboration with DVT allows us to provide comprehensive AI solutions for e-commerce that are powerful and easy to integrate and scale, enhancing the shopping experience for consumers online.”

The Insights webinar can be viewed online on DVT's YouTube channel:

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