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DVT launches outsourced software testing package for SMEs

Software and solutions company DVT has launched a new outsourced software testing package for SMEs wanting a complete testing service, with automation regression and performance testing components at a more affordable price point.

DVT’s new GTC Lite product gives companies full access to DVT’s Global Testing Centre (GTC) in Cape Town over a 12-month contract period, including dedicated testers and access to a broad range of mobile devices for testing almost any app on any software platform using DVT’s homegrown testing framework.

“Given our size and market reputation we realised many companies might have overlooked our testing services thinking they’re too expensive or complex, so DVT GTC Lite was designed to deliver a comprehensive testing service that’s neither of those,” says Jacques Fouché, DVT Executive Head of Testing Solutions and MD Western Cape.

“We’ve packaged many of our more advanced services – including access to DVT’s open sourced based framework, our extensive repository of current mobile devices, and access to performance testing tools, all for one very competitive monthly fee,” says Fouché.

“Also we’re offering GTC Lite clients a free two-week proof of concept to prove that the money they’re going to be investing into specifically automated regression testing is going to be money well spent and that we can automate the specific systems the client wants us to test.”

DVT GTC Lite provides functional testing and automation regression testing with limited performance testing, all in a single package price. It makes testing more flexible and affordable.

“Clients can choose to use only regression testing in one month, or mix it up with limited performance testing and normal functional testing the next month, for example,” says Fouché. “We’ve also found that many startups can’t afford to buy all the mobile devices they need to properly test their apps on, so our service includes these as part of the package with no per-device cost for the client.”

Fouché says the test automation of certain systems and software packages can be difficult, so the proof of concept will, at no cost to the client, determine the suitability of the tools at our disposal for the project.

“If the project in question does not fit within the structures of GTC Lite based on size, timelines or complexity, we’ll find out during the PoC, in which case we can offer the client a more customised service through our GTC Basic or GTC Professional testing programs,” he says.

“With guarantee activation within five working days, GTC Lite is ideal not only for those smaller companies which we know will benefit greatly from a lower cost and faster timeframe, but will also benefit larger companies – including current DVT clients – wanting a smaller, nimbler testing solution for their smaller projects, or for getting less complex software and applications to market faster.”

DVT’s GTC Lite is available now. For more information or to arrange a personal consultation, go to

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DVT, founded in 1999, delivers high quality software solutions and related professional services that deliver business value for clients faster. Its services extend from custom software development to business software solutions consulting, software quality assurance, outsourced automated regression testing, enterprise mobility solutions, business intelligence solutions, Agile training and consulting as well as packaged product based solutions. DVT has grown to over 600 staff with offices in the UK (London) and South Africa. The company services more than 100 local and international, medium and large organisations. DVT is a company within Dynamic Technologies ( For more information on DVT go to

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