At DVT we run regular online events that are focused on the latest technology trends within the IT industry and we invite guest speakers to share their knowledge and insights on various topics. The DVT Insights Events aim to enlighten you, educate you and often, provide a new view on a burning issue within the technology space.

Business analysis is a fast-growing and exciting field that takes advantage of the latest technology in machine learning and data analysis. A business analyst helps businesses and organisations improve their processes, products, software, and services through data and business analysis. A business analyst is a career with significant opportunity and flexibility due to its universal skills. Your career as a business analyst can grow into senior management positions right up to the chief executive officer of a company.
As an iOS developer intern participating in the DVT graduate programme, we have a lot to learn. We spent the first three months working on our own personal projects which were exciting. The personal projects came from ideas we each thought of and hoped to make something out of, but we did not just jump into them. Within the programme, we were taught many things in workshops, discussions and articles from which we could draw useful and relevant experiences and skills for our personal projects.
Pivotal Data has deployed a turnkey mobility application that gives the company's telephony clients access to all the functionality of their desktop phones from their smartphones.
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