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Case study for the modernisation of mobile application


Vehicle tracking and recovery


Mobile App Development

The Client

Tracker provides vehicle tracking, personal response and safety services throughout South Africa. The company also offers select home-based solutions, including a ‘Smart Geyser’ app and home insurance cover.

The Challenges

Initially DVT was consulted because the company’s mobile team needed help with rebuilding and modernising its mobile application. The app was developed by a third party, but the development process was never documented. As such, rebuilding the app required reverse engineering and close consultation with the few people in the organisation who understood how the app was built in the first place.

The DVT Solution

DVT provided development skills across five different teams, including technical developers, two Scrum Masters, one project owner and two business analysts. The DVT mobile team was tasked with upgrading and improving the current consumer app. The DVT ‘Eagle’ team was involved with upgrading and bettering consumer web access. The DVT ‘Lions’ team worked on fleet web functionality. DVT devs also worked together with Tracker’s central API team to provide API calls for data retrieval across the teams.

The Benefits

Within a few weeks, DVT documented the entire android application and created a framework of business rules for each function and feature. These were cross-checked with existing staff, but since Tracker – like any organisation – experienced staff turnover from time to time, DVT advocated for the creation of a knowledge management system to ensure business continuity for future app development.

This resulted in building a detailed knowledge base on how the internal systems worked, how they connect to each other, what API calls are made for each function, and which UI screens are used. DVT helped to build out this knowledge base, promoting use of documentation in the system as part of an Agile environment, thus mitigating the risk of losing IP.

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