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Case study for automated regression testing of a UK based parcel delivery system in the logistics industry




UK Parcel Delivery Company


Global test centre

Business Challenge

This UK Parcel delivery company, frequently releases new versions of their web and mobile app systems. To ensure that each new version maintains a high level of quality and that all major business processes work in the system, regression testing of their online and mobile system are needed. To ensure that regression testing happens quickly, automation of the regression testing was required.

DVT Solution

DVT’s Global Test Centre automates the regression testing of both the Android and Web components of our client's system. DVT follows a Kanban approach and works with the Client Product Owner and works from a product backlog of outstanding automation regression to increase the automation testing coverage.

DVT’s use of its own testing automation framework together with an Agile and Kanban based approach in its Global Testing Centre, means our client can deploy high quality software releases to production faster through automating regression testing, which previously was a manual process that delayed deployments to production.

  • Automation execution stats:
    • - Mobile regression testing time: 1 hour, 14 minutes, 25 seconds
    • - Web regression testing time: 11 minutes 23 seconds

Automation Technology

  • DVT’s UTA-H framework
  • Appium
  • Selenium

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