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The DVT Certified Scrum Master Apprenticeship Programme

DVT's Certified Scrum Master apprenticeship programme enables professionals to fast track their role change from various professions into an efficient, certified Scrum master in an Agile team.

The DVT Certified Scrum master apprenticeship program

Programme overview

The programme focusses on three elements:

Certification and achieving milestones

As part of the programme, the apprentice achieve the following milestones & complete the relevant certifications:

  • Agile Fundamentals - Through the International Consortium of Agile (ICAgile)
  • Agile Business Value Analysis - Through the International Consortium of Agile (ICAgile)
  • International Certified Scrum Master - Through Scrum Alliance
  • Recognized as a qualified and experienced Scrum Master by the teams
Required Coaching

DVT provides Scrum Master coaching training on a weekly basis to equip the individual with the knowledge required to become a Scrum master. Coaching is more intense the first 6 months of the programme where the relevant Agile ceremonies are set up and the apprentice is taught the tricks of the trade by an Agile coach with years of experience as a Scrum Master.

Practical Experience

During the programme, the apprentice is in the role of a Scrum Master with one or two Agile teams assigned. This ensures on the job training with actual experience for a period of 12 months as part of the training. DVT's expert coaches monitor, guide and assist the apprentice with practical project experience within the relevant client environment.

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