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REST services best practice

There are different opinions out there on best practices for developing RESTful services. Projects have different needs, developers have different opinions and HTTP has its limitations just like most other technologies.


Java Coding Tips: How to JUnit test post-login code in Websphere Application Server 7+

Let’s talk software development and coding. Quite recently I wrote a WAS 7 utility that needed to access the JEE security Subject (read more on JEE Security) and its private credentials. The project, an auditing tool, accesses the Subject via IBM's WSSubject feature and uses some of its methods.


Tips to make Microservices Architecture a Success


Coding Tips: Make a JSR 286 Portlet work with AngularJS in WS Portal

In this article I'm going to offer some software coding advice and demonstrate how to create a simple portlet, add angularJS, and make an ajax call to post some JSON to our portlet. We will therefore use our portlet as a simple REST-like service so we can call in to our backend.