DVT Byline
If you cannot explain it in simple terms,
then you do not understand it well enough.

- Albert Einstein

Working with DVT means finding solutions. Solutions that use information, software, and technology. Every solution is similar, but different. Every solution starts and ends with the same questions. Why do we need it? What will it do? How will we do it?

DVT Icon Deploying software and managing information is as much about making full use of what you have, as it is about writing new systems. And then the cliché! It really does come down to the people involved. Which means the mix of skills in the team, the size of the team, personalities, leadership, and the right approach. DVT Icon We are experts in when it comes to selecting, building, integrating, and deploying technology. We also have years of experience working with financial services, banking, credit, insurance, mobility, telecommunications, retail, media and entertainment, construction, utilities, real estate, property management, securities, and medical services companies.


We don't deliver 'nice-to-have'
solutions, we deliver solutions
central to core business
  • We have offices in Cape Town, Gauteng, and Delhi.
  • We employ over 400 staff in South Africa.
  • We currently service over 100 clients.